b. 1986, HK.





Most of my work communicates within a romantic structure.  Voices within some of the works convey a desire for the ‘one we love’ who is unreachable, other works might present the sincerity of truth in a pleinair painting, a live portrait painting, or a still-life.  It is within these truths and narratives, using the application of paint onto surfaces, that I want to build my work into the beauty of a romantic resistance. 


I am a lover and a fighter.  


Painting brings me in-- like being in love.  As I engage these surfaces, there is a constant exchange between reality and the reflection of that reality.  Painting is real, and in these times it is becoming more important to fall into something that I can count on, a true love.


Currently the works that are developing in the studio seem to be taking on an expansion of what it means to convey and dismantle historical figurative directions.  Most of my psuedo-self portraits have been very stoic or standard head&bust type portraiture. Now the portraits are stretching out of this tradition, understanding the full potential of the plane, as if they are feeling out for space or potential freedom.  The bodies are tending to bend and contort into these twisted brown developing bodied landscapes, and of course that further deepens my interest in portraying these images of brown man and brown woman, thus furthering the rewriting of historical American portraiture. 

These portraits are now fluctuating as political landscapes.  I find myself digging deeper on how colonized land and bodies have been pushed into unrecognizable entities - at the same time (and strictly through practice), I’ve recognized a growing understanding into the development of what it means to paint.  I don’t think its abstraction. Abstraction tends to have a privilege stance to it, and the more I paint into these works it becomes more apparent that I am painting a reality. 





lives and works in San Antonio, Texas, uses painting, print, sculpture, drawing, and public activation to address issues related to his experiences growing up in the bicultural landscape of South Texas.

 Cruz Ortiz has had solo exhibitions at: ARTPACE in San Antonio, Texas; the CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM in Houston, Texas; the University of Texas in Austin; The MUSEUM of CONTEMPORARY ART in SANTA BARBARA, in Santa Barbara, California.  He has been invited to participate in many major international exhibitions and institutions such as:  the LOURVRE in Paris, France; EV-A in Limerick, Ireland; the traveling exhibition PHANTOM SIGHTINGS with the LOS ANGELES COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART; the SAN JUAN TRIENNIAL in San Juan, Puerto Rico; and at THE BLUE COAT MUSEUM in Liverpool, England. 

In 2013, Absolut Vodka asked to collaborate with him on designing ABSOLUT TEXAS, a special limited edition that was created for the entire state of Texas.  Currently he and his wife Olivia have just launched a new project that revolves around his love of hands-on printmaking and graphic design with a purpose.  BURNT NOPAL is a creative factory that produces THOUGHTFUL DESIGN INFLUENCED BY CONTEMPORARY ART.




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